Lakes & Private Waters

Recreational Lake and Landscape Design

Choosing the best site for your lake is critical to the layout, look and landscape of your property.  We can use our expertise along with your vision to maximize your property to its full potential.

Trophy Bass Lakes

Conservation Incorporated has built a reputation for constructing some of the finest bass fishing lakes in the State of Texas. With proven experience and innovative designs, we can customize your lake to your specific fishing needs.

Existing Lake and Shoreline Renovation/Reclamation

Often a lakes' shoreline can become shallow, causing vegetation overgrowth problems.  This can be corrected by excavating excess vegetation and silt along the shoreline, with minimal disruption to the lake's ecosystem.

Boat Ramps

Get on the lake faster and easier by improving your boat access.  Whether you are looking to add a new boat ramp or improve an existing one, Conservation Incorporated has the equipment and expertise to get the job done.   

boat ramp 3
boat ramp 2
boat ramp 1
boat ramp 4

Silt Removal

Lakes can develop a silt problem in several different ways.  Silt can be caused by dirt and sediment particles that wash into the lake through water runoff, causing the lake to become increasingly shallow.  It can also be caused by years of aquatic vegetation growing and dying off year after year.  Removing silt can turn an unattractive lily pond into a vibrant and functional body of water.

pond makeover 2
pond makeover 1